Getting on the first page of Google starts with optimizing your business website for
search engines. This is the process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Sometimes people think of search engine optimization as a way to defeat search engines, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Search engines are companies too, looking to provide their users with the answers they’re looking for and best experience possible, and they have the data to identify what makes the best experience. Therefore, SEO is about getting Google to show your page first, not because you tricked it into doing so, but because it meets the criteria for a good web page, which meets the needs of its users.

How Do You Optimize for Search?

When you optimize a web page for a search engine, you don’t optimize it for any search, but for specific searches. If you recall, the words that form search queries are keywords. Optimizing your page for search tells Google what your web page is about, which helps Google know what to display in its results. Optimizing for search is about putting the right keywords in the right places of your page so that Google will know to retrieve that page for searches containing those keywords.

Choose The Right Keywords

The right keywords are words that both describe the information on a specific web page, and words your target audience will type into Google when searching for information you can provide. They will relate to your products, services, specialities, location, and industry. The keywords you target for each of your web pages should reflect the content on that page.



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